Sivu’s Real-Time MRI Music Video

Sivu – Better Man Than He. from Adam Powell on Vimeo.

Art, medicine, anatomy, music and entertainment collide in one of the most mesmerizing music videos I’ve seen in a long time. In order to capture the footage for the music video, UK based musician Sivu, lay in an MRI scanner at St. Barts Hospital London for hours while repeatedly singing his song,”Better Man Than He.”  The real-time MRI footage shows the sagittal section of Sivu’s head as his mouth and tongue move to each word. The video also combines some coronal journeys through Sivu’s face and 3D volume rendering of his entire head.

According to director Adam Powell it didn’t seem like Sivu enjoyed the many hours of being in an MRI. But the result was definitely worth the effort! The video was created with the help of doctors Marc E. Miquel and Andrew David Scott at St Barts.

Pop in your headphones, go fullscreen and enjoy this beautiful music video and song.

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  1. Try singing along with it. It feels weird but cool to know which corresponding parts in your mouth move to shape the words and sounds.

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