NYC Penis Subway Map

Cosmic Art Enterprises penis new york subway map

Cosmic Art Enterprises penis new york subway map penis detail

Cosmic Art Enterprises penis new york subway map scrotum detail

There’s something with subway maps and anatomy. It’s easy to think of the vessels and nerves as routes feeding certain destinations throughout the body. This penis subway map, however, is taking the analogy to a whole other level.

Designer and illustrator Veit Schuetz adapted the classic MTA subway map for Brookyln-based art and design firm Cosmic Arts Enterprises’ Spring Gallery Show in 2000. It is such a clever and engaging poster that no doubt took a lot of thinking and manipulation. Veit told New York Dick about the piece,

While the conception took only one hour of desperate staring at a map in a deserted New York subway station at 4 a.m., finishing the design in an accurate way required a lot more patience.

I bet! I love how Manhattan so perfectly fits into the form of the penile shaft.

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  2. I love how when I first saw it, I was thinking–when did Manhattan get so small? But I realized what I was looking at when I pulled back away from the screen. I absolutely love this!

  3. New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town,
    The Bronx in the pubes and the Battery’s in the helmet,
    The people ride in a series of dorsal arteries,
    New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town!

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