Susurrations by Lia Pas

susurrations from Lia Pas on Vimeo. Refresh page if video does not show.

Lia Pas Susurrations video poem still

Lia Pas Susurrations video poem still

Lia Pas Susurrations video poem still

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, it’s time to start focusing on the anatomical heart…

We mostly post visuals here on Street Anatomy but rarely do we showcase the combination of spoken word and anatomy. Susurrations is a video poem by Canadian multi-disciplinary artist Lia Pas that uses a combination of poetry, fount text, composed and improvised music, and movement all surrounding the heart. ¬†Some of the text is from Gray’s Anatomy 27th Edition, 1938.

Lia says that the video poem,

Explores the anatomical, visceral, metaphysical, and emotional landscape of the heart. Combining scientific and poetic text, organic movement imagery, and rich vocal music, this multi-disciplinary piece invites the viewer to delve into their own visceral and experiential relationship with their heart.

The video is long, but you’ll find yourself taken in by her voice and you may learn something about the function of the heart.


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