Dissecting Art, Intersecting Anatomy – Exhibition Opening March 9, 2013

Dissecting Art, Intersecting Anatomy Exhibition March 9-16, 2013 Chicago

Dissecting Art, Intersecting Anatomy: Merging Contemporary Art with the Works of Pauline Lariviere

March 9–16, 2013

Opening Event:
Saturday, March 9, 6–10 pm
Sunday, March 10, Noon–4 pm

S3 Gallery 1907 N. Mendell, #4-H  Chicago, IL

Curated by Vanessa Ruiz of Street Anatomy and Phillip Schalekamp of S3 Gallery

We are very excited to be co-curating Dissecting Art, Intersecting Anatomy, an homage to Pauline Lariviere (1906–1988), a French-Canadian artist whose fame came from her extensive work in medical and anatomical illustration. Lariviere had a very distinctive style that came from her use of abstraction and pairing of modern art into a scientific field. She created charts and illustrations that isolated areas and processes of human anatomy that she wanted to portray, gave alternative perspectives, and created charts in vibrant colors specifically to make them aesthetically appealing.

Her revolutionary style is still used in medical illustrations today. See how present-day artists are inspired to create original pieces alongside Lariviere’s historical works.

We have an incredible group of artists lined up including Danny Quirk, Billy Reynolds, Alvaro Hidalgo, and many more!

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Pauline Lariviere Dissecting Art, Intersecting Anatomy Exhibition March 9-16, 2013 Chicago
Examples of Pauline Lariviere’s beautiful anatomical oil paintings.