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We’ve posted the beautiful work of Barcelona-based illustrator, Giselle Vitali before on Street Anatomy. Her expressive take on medical illustration caught my eye and I’ve continued to follow this girl’s awesome work. Her latest series, titled Musculante, shows her incorporating anatomy into the web icons we’ve become so used to seeing, such as Facebook, Google +, and Tumblr.

She says of the work,

Experimentar a fondo—las redes sociales nos invaden, no sabemos si ellas son parte de nosotros o nosotros de ellas. No sabemos tampoco, quien utiliza a quien. Basados en esto, supongo que deben de tener carne, mucosas y huesos, aunque no se, si sentimientos, como nosotros mismos!

Translation: Experimenting thoroughly—the social networks invade us, we do not know if they are part of us or we of them. We do not know either, who uses whom. Based on this, I guess they must have meat, bones and mucus, and even feelings, like ourselves!

View more of Giselle’s work on Behance and her site,