Anatomic Fashion Friday: Human Hair Handbags

Taeseok Kang Hairbag

If I were known to carry a handbag, I can be almost certain that it wouldn’t be one from this collection. I can barely manage to touch a wig, let alone comb through a stranger’s split ends to get to my house keys.

That being said, these are certainly a unique design. Taeseok Kang, a graduate from the London College of Fashion, created these human hair handbags with an intent to explore “narratives of sexual human body and address the question of palpable sensations that manifest from the sexual instinct of a human being and the range of sexiness from subtle to extreme.”

I don’t think I’d stretch to claim these are sexy… but there are certainly some more subtle than others. I’m looking at you circa 1960’s bob.

Check out the rest of the collection at Kang’s website.

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