Sophia Ahamed Flesh and Bones

Sophia Ahamed Dusty Bones SKELETAL SYSTEMS series

Sophia Ahamed Of Bones and Flesh

Sophia Ahamed Self Portrait Of Flesh and Bones series

Beautiful work by Vancouver based graphic designer,  Sophia Ahamed. The first image is from her series titled SKELETAL SYSTEMS that explores the emotional value of human and animal skulls. The second two illustrations are from a similar series titled Of Flesh and Bonethe third image is a self portrait of Sophia. Her explanation of capturing what is under the skin is quite nice:

 The title of the series “Of Flesh & Bone” simply states that no matter who we are or what we are, we as human beings are built the same. We have all gone through moments of happiness, of loss, of despair and of triumph. It is said that what we truly desire in life in happiness. But only through pain can we begin to understand what happiness really is and allow our selves to feel it without hesitation.

Science has given us the ability to understand our own minds and bodies. Art has given us the ability to communicate these findings with others. I hope to create a different kind of healing process, one that stems from the artist and to the viewer. This illustration is a part of a series of several portrait drawings.

View more of the two series on Sophia’s Behance portfolio!


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