I myself never get to wear cufflinks, but I find the idea of them enticing. It’s a nice way for men to personalize their wardrobe (similar to fun socks or belt buckles). Subtle and small, all of these pieces would look visually striking at the end a crisp shirt.

  1. These acrylic hearts by Etsy artist, TheSpangledMaker, would allow you to literally “wear your heart on your sleeve.”($20)
  2. Paul Smith can do no wrong in my book (fashion-wise) and these blue and white skulls look antique but cool. ($250)
  3. Beth Croce is an Australian medical illustrator who created these guts and the next cufflinks. She has a large collection of anatomical goodies. ($220)
  4. Also by Beth Croce, these vertebrae are so delicate and detailed. Hand crafted goodness. ($260)
  5. Also by TheSpangledMaker, these acrylic brains are simply delightful. ($20)