Enric Huguet’s Calcium Sandoz Forte Ads

Enric Huguet Calcium Sandoz Forte pregnant woman

Enric Huguet Calcium Sandoz Forte breast feeding

Enric Huguet Calcium Sandoz Forte young child

Enric Huguet Calcium Sandoz Forte old age

Enric Huguet Calcium Sandoz Forte young girl

Wonderfully illustrated pharma ads created by legendary Spanish graphic designer, Enric Huguet.  Said to be responsible for some of the most interesting posters in the 50s and 60s, Enric style is based on simplicity and conceptual clarity, ranging from illustration to simple geometric graphics.

In an interview with Gràfics Dissenyadors Col.legi of Catalonia magazine, Enric says of design,

“A graphic designer is a poet and a linguist of visual images in the world. Poetry brings warmth and emotion to the message. The linguist logic introduces clarity through the correct articulation of the message. In every work must have emotion, feeling and clarity.”

Enric designed for various pharmaceuitcal companies in his career and in 1973 he won the Laus prize for this series of Calcium Sandoz Forte illustrations for Uriach Laboratory  (shown above).

I recently had the chance to learn from some top creative directors in pharmaceutical advertising that a great ad needs to visually stand on its own.  This is accomplished through injecting emotion, feeling and clarity into the ad, exactly how Enric stated.


[spotted by fellow AbelsonTaylor collegue Jose Gonzalez via Graphics Pioneers]


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