Taylor James Hypertension Heart Takeda

Taylor James Hypertension Kidneys Takeda

Taylor James Hypertension Head Takeda

The global ad agency Corbett (CAHG) hired Taylor James, a New York and London based creative production studio, to execute the print campaign for Takeda’s newest hypertension drug. The series of images features a heart-shaped iceberg cracking, kidney-shaped forest being destroyed, and a hurricane in a head-shaped body of water to depict the effects of hypertension on the body. The images were created using a combination of stock photography and CG.

I really like the cracking iceberg heart out of all 3 images, it’s a nice concept, but on it’s own might read more emotionally than a disease-state—as in “cold-hearted.” The forest in the shape of an organ has been done before and I don’t think the hurricane image was executed very well. Being in pharmaceutical advertising myself, I always enjoy seeing anatomy incorporated into ad concepts…but I can’t resist critiquing them!


[via Moshita]