CRANANAS Remi Andron

CRANANAS Remi Andron detail

CRANANAS Remi Andron in progress

CRANANAS is an anamorphic representation of a skull and pineapple by Rémi Andron from the French art direction and graphic design studio FLOZ.  Rémi is a master with a Bic ball pen, the detail he gets is incredible.

The name “CRANANAS” is a mashup of two French words, “crâne” for skull and “ananas” for pineapple.

4 thoughts on “CRANANAS”

  1. Pineapples look like heads. It’s not surprising you both came up with the same idea. Yours is my favouite.
    This song is called Pineapple Head, by Crowded House.

  2. Hi everybody,
    I’m Rémi who did the drawing.
    First of all I want to thank Street Anatomy for posting and sharing my work!
    To answer to Josh: yeah it could be weird to see the two works together, the resemblance is clear and when I saw this work I started to be pissed off against this artist.
    I contacted him to tell him it’s not fare to copy other’s work! After few exchanges we noticed that is work was realized before mine…
    I never saw his work before starting mine, if you go to the behance page you’ll see the genesis of the project and you’ll understand. I simply started from a friend’s tattoo (the drawing was a command for this friend).
    Thanks for your time.


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