Yoan Capote

Racional <small>Yoan Capote 2004

Racional, 2004 Plaster, plexiglas 80 x 55 x 55 cms

Racional de Marmol Yoan Capote

Racional, 2006 Marble, glass, wood and metal 196 x 66 x 66 cms

Autorretrato Yoan Capote 2008

Autorretrato, 2008 Concrete and Cast bronze 175 x 50 x 50 cms

Open Mind Yoan Capote 2008

Open Mind, 2008 Maquette/PVC, bronze, metal and glass 92 x 126 x 126 cms  Model for public art project where humans represent the neuronal processes in the human brain

Demagogia Yoan Capote 2011

Demagogia/Demagogy, 2011 bronze, washbowl accessories 56 x 60 x 39 cms

I stumbled upon the top male torso sculpture with brain genitalia , fittingly titled Racional (Rational), on Facebook and just had to find out who created this masterpiece.  Our lovely fans on Facebook told us it was created by the Cuban sculptor, Yoan Capote.

Yoan plays with the human body, rearranging it, taking it apart, and reinventing it for other human needs.  He also does this with other objects, studying the human-object interaction and giving them abstract personalities.  View all of Yoan Capote’s work at yoan-capote.com!

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