Pathology-based Anatomical Cake Shop: Call for Entries!

Miss Cakehead Eat Your Heart Out

Our wonderful friend and cake curator extrodinaire, Miss Cakehead is putting on another extreme cake shop following the success of last years Eat Your Heart Out, the world’s first 18+ cake shop.  Because cakes shouldn’t just be nice and sweet.

This year the event will be held in St Bartholomew’s Pathology Museum in West Smithfield, London, with mission to educate people about Pathology while also selling some very unique anatomically correct baked goods. A series of pathology based lectures will also take place in the space, examining relevant conditions such as icing sugar spleennutmeg liver and maple syrup urine disease. How cool and gross is that!?

‘Eat Your Heart Out’ is currently on the lookout for the most creative bakers, cake artists & food artists around the UK to come up with some anatomically correct treats.

Miss Cakehead says, “If you have a steady hand and a strong stomach for making delicious yet gory cakes or horrifically anatomical sugary sculptures and treats then please get in touch!”


Stuntkid Objectify This teaser 09-07-2012