Jason Freeny Launches CAPSL

Jason Freeny CAPSL chart

Jason Freeny CAPSL Medicine Man


Jason Freeny CAPSL's in hand

Jason Freeny CAPSL sketch
Original doodle for CAPSL

It’s been 2 years in the making, but our favorite pop anatomist, Jason Freeny has finally launched an awesome product called CAPSL.  What is a CAPSL you ask?  Apart from having one of those trendy vowelless names, CAPSL’s are collectable designer pill fobs with “pocket-sized personalities.” Hollow on the inside, they let you store whatever you can fit in them, whether it be paper clips, ground coffee, catnip, gum, or prescriptionnnn drugs.

Jason describes his CAPSL idea,

A little over two years ago I was tinkering around with ideas for illustrations. I had worked as a toy designer for a short stint and always enjoyed putting together the promotional schematics I would use to pitch the ideas to toy companies. I really wanted to create an illustration of a toy schematic but not to pitch, it was only for the purpose of “Art”. I came up with a cute toy idea as my subject and quickly started constructing the assets for the final piece…

Strange thing was, it was a pretty cool toy idea. So before I posted the illustration I pitched it to a toy company and they thought it was pretty cool too, and off to production it went!

CAPSL’s come in 12 designs with another 9 mystery designs out there.  Try your luck at CAPSLs.com! Can’t wait to get some myself!


Also, if you haven’t already, check out our Street Anatomy interview with Jason Freeny to get more insight into the man behind the toys.  Follow Jason on Facebook to get updates on the process of all his amazing projects.



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