Damien Hirst at the Tate Modern April 4–September 9, 2012

Damien Hirst Hymm Tate Modern London

Damien Hirst Hymm Tate Modern London

Damien Hirst Anatomy of an Angel Tate Modern London
Photos by Vanessa Ruiz

If you are in or around London this summer I highly suggest going to the Damien Hirst exhibit at the Tate Modern, on from April 4—September 9, 2012.  A few of my favorite anatomically themed pieces are shown above: Hymn (199–2005) and Anatomy of an Angel (2008).  Others I couldn’t sneak photos of were Trinity—Pharmacology, Physiology, Pathology (2000) and of course, For the Love of God (2007).

This is considered to be the first major overview of Hirst’s work in London and it’s a wonderful chance to see the development of his career.  You can see the absolute precision and opulence build as you go through all 14 rooms of his work.

A few favorite quotes from Hirst throughout the exhibition:

“In an artwork, I always try to say something and deny it at the same time.”

“I just want to celebrate life by saying to hell with death.”

“There [are] four important things in life: religion, love, art and science.  At their best, they’re all just tools to help you find a path through the darkness. None of them really work that well, but they help. Of them all, science seems to be the one right now. Like religion, it provides the glimmer of hope that maybe it will be all right in the end…”


View more of Hirst’s work and a live feed from his studio at damienhirst.com. Also, read more about Hirst’s bio, view over 475 of his works, exclusive articles, as well as his up-to-date exhibitions at Artsy—the number one resource for art collecting and education.