July 2012

The Four Humors

Beth Cavener Stichter was intrigued by the notion which is the basis of Hippocratic medicine: a person could be emotionally and psychologically evaluated by their level of fluids. According to ancient Greek Humorism, the traditional four temperaments: sanguine, melancholic, choleric,… Read More »The Four Humors

Kimberly Sheridan

Kimberly Sheridan Anatomy of a pinup

These anatomically infused illustrations were created by illustrator, Kimberly Sheridan who says she draws inspiration from art nouveau to tattoo design. Interesting tidbit—Kimberly did detail work on aluminum and aqua resin sculptures for artist Jeff Koons. View more of Kimberly’s work… Read More »Kimberly Sheridan

Printed Matter

Run Tyrone Dalby

I’m somewhat digging these collages by Tyrone Dalby.  I couldn’t find much information on Tyrone, but you can view more of his collages on his Saatchi Online portfolio.    

Juliet Foxtrot

Juliet Foxtrot Frida

Sydney-based artist, James Freiberg (aka Juliet Foxtrot) studied life drawing at the Julian Ashton art school, The Rocks, Syndey.  He creates contemporary figure paintings that are quite expressive and I enjoy his almost abstract use of anatomy throughout many of… Read More »Juliet Foxtrot