Amor es Amor

aunque la gente sienta odio amor es amor heart street art

Aunque la gente sienta odio, amor es amor,” translates to “Even though people feel hate, love is love.

Found this via Tumblr and of course there’s no mention of the artist in the endless trail of reblogging.  So I’m turning to you guys!  Does anyone know the artist who created this piece?


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  1. This is graffitti is located in Madrid, en una ocupa (=, and is dedicated to a special person

  2. You are all incredible! Thank you for the artist name! I knew there was a signature under the heart, I just couldn’t make out what it said.

  3. It’s from a group from Spain called BoaMistura (it’s the signature on the bottom if you noticed it). I actually know one of the members, they are very talented people. This is their website

    (Sorry for mi english, i’m from spain too haha).

  4. Victoria Highcastle

    The work looks very similar to an artist in San Francisco named Jeremy Fish. Just a suggestion…?

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