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Lara Dann Requiem for a lady

Lara Dann is an artist with quite a varied and inspiring path in life.  At the end of a 6 year career in advertising design, she decided to leave, go back to school and become a licensed massage therapist, specializing in deep tissue therapy.

Lara says of her experience,

I had a strong personal desire to lead a life with more meaning and purpose so I decided to take a bold leap and a different direction into a career as a licensed massage therapist.  I am pleased with the decision, as it enriched my life and also my knowledge of the human anatomy.

After 8 years and 2 children, Lara has spent the last 3 years perfecting her art skills and developing her vision as an artist.

To learn more about Lara Dann and to see more work, read her fascinating interview on Eclectix.  It was a joy to read this morning over a cup of coffee!


[via Eclectix]