Vesna Jovanovic’s MRI Album Cover for Composer Dan Wallace

Reattachment, 2008, 36″x36″, MRI Scan, Ink, Watercolor, Graphite, and Colored Pencil on Paper
Vesna Jovanovic Reattachment (1)
Original MRI scan

Vesna Jovanovic, a visual artist with self proclaimed interests in science and perceptual phenomena, created this album cover for Chicago composer Dan Wallace. Wanting a medical-themed cover, Dan gave Vesna an MRI scan of his head. She then used it as the foundation of the piece, painting and drawing around it. The final piece is inspired by the title song, Reattachment.

Vesna has a really interesting background.  Based in our very own Chicago, IL, she worked in a scientific research and development laboratory while attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for her BFA in Studio Art in 2003.  Talk about a true mix of science and art!

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