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Extremely talented Melbourne-based designer, Josip Kelava, created this book featuring the master illustrators of the 16–19th centuries.

Josip says of the book,

… it focuses on the illustrator William Cheseldon who was an English surgeon and teacher of anatomy, and who was influential in establishing surgery as a scientific medical profession. His works, along with many other illustrators, have been redesigned to a modern style, incorporating typography as a sense of interaction with the illustrations.

I really enjoy Josip’s design sense and I highly recommend taking a look through the rest of his design work in his Behance portfolio.


7 thoughts on “BONE – Anatomy Illustrated”

  1. Luw, I definitely see your point and agree. These historical anatomical illustrations have been bastardized so much over the past few years that their significance in medical history is severely overshadowed. At least Josip is putting them into context with the illustrators, even if one name might be spelled incorrectly, ha.

  2. Talent nowadays :
    take a beautiful well done illustration
    add some random fashion typography
    and make it galaxy and/or pastel colored.

    Oh, and don’t forget to misspell the name of the illustrator. (That’s not “William Cheseldon” but “William Cheselden”)

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