Kelsey Niziolek Explores Body Oddities Through Art

Kelsey Niziolek Head Body Oddities
Kelsey Niziolek Torso Body Oddities
Kelsey Niziolek Legs Body Oddities

Illustrator Kelsey Niziolek says she “holds a special love in her (he)art for science, health, and medical related topics.” Her series titled, Body Oddities, is the result of a research project on the human body and its bizarre facts, including:

  • If all the bacteria from the intestines was squeezed out, there would be enough to nearly fill an entire mug to the top.
  • The human brain has a similar consistency to that of cooked spaghetti.
  • Every tongue print is as unique as every finger print (a future for tongue scanners perhaps?)

View more of Kelsey’s illustration work at!

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  1. Attractive and educational. There’s a lot of interesting information packed into each ‘poster’. Once I started reading it I couldn’t stop!

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