Awareness for Blood Donation Campaign UK

Painted blood donors step out in London to raise awareness of the need for higher levels of blood Picture: Adrian Brooks/PA
Painted blood donors raise awareness at St Pancras International in London (Picture: PA)

There is A LOT going on in London this summer with the 2012 Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee, Wimbledon, the European Championships, etc.  I didn’t realize this, but when major events like these happen over a short period of time, blood donations tend to drop.  This happens because people get wildly excited and it interrupts up their normal donation schedule.   The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is preparing for this inevitable drop by raising awareness for blood donation on the streets of London, as seen above.

Jon Latham, spokesman for NHS, said,

“This year we have a unique situation and need the public’s help to counterbalance the inevitable dip in donations as people celebrate a memorable summer for the country. Every unit of blood saves or improves the life of three people. We obviously want to make sure everyone enjoys the Games, and want to make sure that if there are any accidents we have the blood supplies to help them recover quickly.”

I love the response of a commenter on the article:

Its the Olympic games…NOT GLADIATOR GAMES!! What On Earth Are We Expecting!!

It’s going to be a bloodbath man.

Read the entire article via the Metro.

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