Art School Dissected

MASP Art School Salvador Dali detail

MASP Art School Salvador Dali

MASP Art School Van Gogh detail

MASP Art School Van Gogh

MASP Art School Picasso detail

MASP Art School Picasso

MASP Art School. Open enrollment.

This would have made art history that much more interesting!  Created by DDB Brazil for the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) Art School.  I’m a bit partial to the Dalí myself.


Advertising Agency: DDB, Brazil
Creative Directors: Sergio ValenteMarco VersolatoWilson MateosLuciano Lincoln
Art Director: Leonardo Rotundo
Copywriter: Fred Sekkel
Illustrators: Marcos Falcão6B Estúdio
Photographer: Ricardo Barcellos
Account Supervisors: Mônica de Carvalho, Andrei Croisfelt, Daniel Malavazzi, Adriana Barreto


[Spotted by Noah Scalin and Eric Pernod]


10 thoughts on “Art School Dissected”

  1. I hope someone decides to make the anatomy designs in to tshirts. That would just be awsome!!

  2. This is fantastic! Could easily identify which artist was who. Dali is my personal favorite; love the ‘stache and then suspended guts.

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