Urs Fischer – Skinny Sunrise

Urs Fischer Skinny Sunrise 2000

Skinny Sunrise, 2000  Polystyrene, wood, wood glue, dust, spray adhesive, flour, acrylic paint, silicone, screws, fabric

Urs Fischer Violent Cappuccino 2007

Violent Cappuccino, 2007 Cast aluminum, lacquer, motor oil, glue, dust

Urs Fischer Untitled 2001

Untitled, 2001  Wax, pigment, wick, brick, metal rod

Urs Fischer is a Swiss contemporary artist living and working in New York.  Known for creating pieces of work out of unusual mediums, like loaves of sourdough bread, and for his enormous installations.

If you happen to be in or around Vienna, Urs Fischer has a show titled “Skinny Sunrise” at KUNSTHALLE.  Curated by Gerald Matt and Angela Stief.   February 17th – May 28th, 2012.