Maggie Hotchkiss

Strings by Maggie Hotchkiss

Intestinal by Maggie Hotchkiss

Epididymis by Maggie Hotchkiss

Scanned by Maggie Hotchkiss

Lover Her or Liver by Maggie Hotchkiss

Maggie Hotchkiss was one of those rare students in school who becomes enamored with the anatomical and scientific illustrations in textbooks rather than all the scientific mumbo jumbo.  And so, this is how the fairy tale of becoming a medical illustrator usually begins.  Currently working at the Yale School of Medicine and doing art on the side, above are her explorations and reinterpretations of those textbook illustrations.  They remind me of old biology illustrations in my textbooks growing up and also a hint of scientific illustrations going back to mid-century.

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  1. MAGS! I remember way back to the pencil sketch of the kidney spliced veiw on the wall back when you lived at 210! I remember telling you how good it was! You’ve come a long way kiddo! =D Ryan and I both are very impressed!

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