The Ting Tings Skeletal Album Cover Art for Sounds From Nowheresville

After a bit of a break, The Ting Tings are out with their sophomore album titled, Sounds from Nowheresville. While they designed their first album cover themselves, this time they opened up the possibility to art students. While on tour in the UK, they would stop at every art college in all the major cities and check out the scene. They told the students to submit artwork for the album cover, and when they saw the hand-drawn and painted piece by Milan Abad, they were instantly sold, “We just looked at it and we thought that it really summed up the album title.” Hmm?

Even if you may not know who the Ting Tings are, I guarantee that you’ve had their song, That’s Not My Name, stuck in your head as you’re desperately trying to fall asleep…

They call me girl,
they call my Stacey,
they call me her,
they call me Jane,
that’s not my name,
that’s not my name,
that’s not my name,
that’s not my name.

..You’re welcome.