Suzie Chaney’s Fragments

Suzie Chaney bone sculpture (1)

Suzie Chaney bone sculpture (3)

Suzie Chaney bone sculpture (2)

Suzie Chaney bone sculpture (4)

Suzie Chaney bone sculpture (5)

Following an accident a few years ago, artist Suzie Chaney became obsessed with anatomy. Specifically bones and the way bone fragments are portrayed in archaeology.  She takes the museum-like display of bone and text and molds them into one abstract piece, so as to become more of a study in texture and form.

She explains her process:

I generally make my sculptures by layering plaster and paper, burning away the paper which causes cracking and splits as well as scorch marks. I may often add a soft element: textile, paper, stitches to imply tissue wound, and of course text. This is to anchor it to something alive and human; our thoughts and our minds, and therefore an affirmation of life, if rather a melancholic one!

While many of her pieces are molded by hand, a piece may also be molded on actual bone.  Suzie graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art/Sculpture from the Norwich School of Art, UK.  She now lives with her family in France doing everything from sculpture to photography.  Sounds wonderful.

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  1. This is amazing, one day when I have a house I would love to purchase some of those! I’m interested in whether she uses real skeletal remains though? Is that permitted in her country? (In South Africa, the Human Tissues Act would forbid it.)

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