February 2012

Federico Carbajal’s Anatomical Architectures

Federico Carbajal brain

Montreal-based architect, Federico Carbajal creates anatomical architectures out of galvanized wire, stainless steel and acrylic through what he calls spatial sketching. Federico describes his work, With the influence of the old masters and the early works of Alexander Calder, to current digital 3D media and architectural representation, these tridimensional hybrids… Read More »Federico Carbajal’s Anatomical Architectures

Evi Numen

Evi Numen Valentine

This piece, titled Valentine, was created by visual artist Evi Numen who “draws inspiration from medicine and psychiatry as well as painting and film.”  Evi also happens to work full time at one of my favorite museums in the world, The Mütter Museum.  How cool is that! View all of… Read More »Evi Numen

Flower Pump

I’m a flower person. Love them everywhere. It’s really sad that I live in a tiny studio apartment with 3 huge windows that face a wall.  To solve this, I buy cut flowers quite frequently. I have a vases in a variety of sizes. This is one I would want… Read More »Flower Pump

Márcio Martins Experiments

Marcio Martins soul eater

Portugal-based graphic artist, Márcio Martins experiments with anatomy and design in these pieces that burst with light and energy. View all of Márcio’s work on his Behance portfolio!  

Circuit Skull

Graham Rudge Circuit Skull

Fabulous skull made out of computer parts and speakers from a city landfill, by Yukon School of Visual Arts student, Graham Rudge.  “Circuit skull” explores the ever increasing bond between humans and their technology. Graham’s skull won the BMO Financial Group 1st Art! Competition in 2011 and as part of… Read More »Circuit Skull

Lobulo Design

Lobulo Design Lady Gaga

Whoa. Ok, this takes paper crafts to the next level. Lobulo Design, of London/Barcelona, does some stunning work, all hand cut! Most of the pieces have a lot of depth, not always translated in the head on shots, but their website has some really great behind the scenes photos and videos of how these… Read More »Lobulo Design

Boobie Beanie

Boobie Beanie

I stumbled across a photo of the Boobie Beanie on Facebook and the response to the idea was so huge that I just had to learn more about them. The Boobie Beanie is the creation of Sara, a young nanny from Minneapolis who is now based in San Francisco.  She… Read More »Boobie Beanie