Christian Gonzenbach Mortadella

Mortadella, 2006 85 x 67 x 4 cm ultrachrome print laminated on acrylic

If only all processed meats came in this shape, perhaps we’d be less inclined to eat them.

Swiss contemporary artist, Christian Gonzenbach formed this piece of morbid cold cut.  It was displayed along side the infamous For the Love of God diamond encrusted skull of Damien Hirst among other famous pieces at the Vanities from Caravaggio to Damien Hirst Musée Maillol exhibition in Paris back in 2010.

Gonzenbach says of his work, “My research consists in exploring this exiguous border between the normal and the weird, where the world looses its meaning and topples over into absurdity, craziness or poetry.”


[spotted by Fé]



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