Love Your Heart by Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische love your heart

These beautifully rendered anatomical type illustrations were done by the extremely talented Jessica Hische for an article about women’s heart health. With numerous wonderful projects under her belt, her portfolio is sure to be inspiring to anyone who loves type and/or does type design. In her own words:

I think people generally love language, words, phrases, and quotes so to see a great word illustrated appropriately typographically can be beautiful. Illustrated type is a very accessible kind of art. People with no background in art or design can look at a really beautifully drawn word and appreciate it and you don’t have to be on some higher cerebral plane to get the meaning of it.

Be sure to also check out the FAQ section on her site for the full rundown of her work and process.

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  1. Man these are so dope- so clean and beautiful. I wish these could be stickers as well.

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