Multifaceted Anatomy

Horst Kiechle paper torso

Horst Kiechle paper torso organs

Horst Kiechle paper torso heart

Holy patience.

Australian architect and artist, Horst Kiechle, created this magnificent structure of a torso, complete with removable organs, from 200gms/sqm white cards.

Horst had posted these images on his Flickr where they sat for over a year and a half before being discovered by the folks at My Modern Met.  I tell you, Flickr can be a gold mine for creative talent.  The response was so huge that they did a follow up post/interview with him.

Horst built the model in a 3D program first and then converted it to a flat 2D pattern.  He says the “skill comes with positioning the triangles in such a way that they suggest curvature with as few triangles as possible.”

Enough people have requested a template for the torso that he might consider creating a simpler version for people to build themselves!

View more photos of the piece on Horst’s Flickr.

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  1. Such a great idea – Blue Peter eat your heart out! (it’s a British tv prog where they make stuff from tissue boxes and toilet rolls)

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