Justin Parker for Esque

Esque studio heart vase Justin Parker

Anatomical Heart Vase. Life-like heart, with ventricles for flower stems. 5" tall.

Esque studio glass eyes by Justin Parker

Glass Eye. Approximately 4" diameter.

Esque studio Guilded Skull by Justin Parker

Guilded Skull gold leaf gives it color. Around 5" around

Esque studio Silvered Skull by Justin Parker

Mirrored Skull Hand sculpted. Adult size, approximately 8" diameter. Silvered interior.

Portland-based glass studio, Esque Studio, run by Justin Parker and Andi Kovel, creates “modern, functional, concept-based glassware aimed at the design industry and away from the pedestal.  These guys have become huge, leading the trend in designer glassware and even rising to one of Time Magazine’s most influential international design studios.

I just love the fact that they added anatomical glasswork design to their collection!  I don’t know much about glass blowing, but blowing glass into the shape of a skull seems incredibly difficult.

The pieces above were all exquisitely designed by Justin Parker.

[spotted by my dear Katie Walsh]


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