Gifts for Your Man

Anatomical gifts for men recommendations by Street Anatomy

Men, here’s your chance to get some seriously awesome fashions. Dress up and do it right! In my opinion, these are all top notch choices to plug a little anatomical

  1. Here’s a bag to carry, you can study Grey’s Anatomy as you stroll. Good for school, work, and exploring the world, this messenger bag definitely shows off where your interests lie. The Etsy company, Cotton Spaceship, has some cool stuff in their shop. $42
  2. For the special occasions (or if you’re uber-rad, everyday), this Vanities wool tie is definitely a change up from the old-school bowties of yore. Give it a shot! $220
  3. Men, you can pull of jewelery. Especially when it’s embossed with skulls and diamonds. Me&Ro, $390
  4. If you’re not a bow tie man, try this one on. Maybe with a nicely tailored pinstripe suit, or a good plaid button down. Alexander McQueen would never let you down. $175
  5. Now here’s some awesome underwear. Get a few to postpone the inevitable laundry day and know that under your jeans you’ve got some seriously cool drawers on. Zara, $16.90
  6. It’s nautical, it’s skulls, it’s blue. 3 things I like. Urban Outfitters, $28


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