Sylvia Ji Tattoo

Sylvia Ji tattoo

Spotted this gorgeous tattoo on Chicago-based artist, Cassie Phillips, at an art show/launch party last week.  I noticed the Sylvia Ji on her arm from across the room as she painted a huge canvas during the event. How fantastic to have a Sylvia Ji on your arm!  I know you guys would appreciate.

Since I came back from London, I’ve been trying to hit up the Chicago art scene more and I love the inspiration I receive from it.  You never know who you’re going to meet/discover just how many artists uses anatomy in their work.

Here’s one of Cassie’s Day of the Dead infused pieces.

Cassie Phillips Love Lost

See more of Cassie’s work on her site,

And if you don’t know who Sylvia Ji is, please treat your eyes to her work on


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    just want to give a shout out to that tattoo artist out of columbus, oh. very talented scott santee,

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