Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

We’ve posted about the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies before on Street Anatomy and on my recent trip to London I had the pleasure of visiting the little shop and getting an inside look at what monsters need to survive.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is, as the name says, situated on the eclectic Hoxton Street on the East End of London.  Nestled among restaurants, shops, and small grocery stores, the Monster Supply shop is actually quite unassuming.  A simple sign telling of the goods sold inside and an impressive establishment date of 1818—everything about this shop is serious to the last detail.  Their famous line of Tinned Fear encompasses all forms of fear including Moral Terror, Escalating Panic, and A Vague Sense of Unease.  They even have a cat bed tucked away in a corner of the shop with a sign above it warning children to, “Please take care when stroking the invisible cat…may scratch if provoked!”  It’s all of these little details, combined with gorgeous design, by London-based design studio We Made This, that perfects the integrity of the monster fantasy.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies line of jams

But there’s more to this little monster supply shop than meets the eye.  Behind a secret door in the shop lies something much grander, the Ministry of Stories (MoS), a creative writing and mentoring center for the young people of east London. I had the great opportunity to meet with the lovely Lucy Macnab, co-director of the MoS, who showed me the wonderful space hidden behind the small monster storefront.  An inspirational environment where children ages 8-18 are mentored one-to-one to encourage imaginative stories, improve language skills, and increase abilities in communication.  Above all the MoS aims to inspire young people to transform their lives through writing.

The Ministry of Stories is inspired by American novelist Dave Eggers’ 826 movement and is continually fundraising to ensure that children can continue to benefit from such an inspiring institution.

A recent project by the children of the Ministry of Stories, called the Awfully Bad Guide to Monster Housekeeping, contains a “wealth of monster wisdom from housekeeping to fashion, food and more as well as activities for the brave reader to try“.  It is the first full-length project created by the children of local primary schools with the help of top poets and illustrators and funded entirely by donations.  Watch the video below to get an inside look at the wonderful project. The complete set of 4 books are available from the new Monster Supplies online store!

Awfully Bad Guide to Monster Housekeeping Ministry of Stories

[iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/fK2VdLhuHxk?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

If you live in or around London, or are simply visiting, be sure to stop in the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies for an incredibly unique treat or at least to take home a tin of Mortal Terror.

Not in London? Shop for your favorite monster goods at the newly opened Monster Supplies online store!

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday, 1pm – 5pm and Saturday, 11am – 5pm
Extended holiday season hours: Beginning Nov 17, we’ll be open on Thursday until 7pm, and Sunday, 1pm – 5pm.
The shop will be closed for the holidays from Dec 23 – January 7, inclusive.
For enquiries contact: shop@ministryofstories.org
Address: 159 Hoxton Street, London N1 6PJ