Richard Wilkinson

Richard Wilkinson chimerism

Richard Wilkinson cellphone face-itis

Richard Wilkinson Healthcare will not reform itself

Richard Wilkinson Fresh whole mind

Richard Wilkinson Preventative

Richard Wilkinson Intestines

Richard Wilkinson, an English artist and illustrator, is currently represented by Central Illustration Agency (CIA) in the UK and by Bernstein & Andruilli in the USA. He has some pretty big name clients including Time Magazine, GQ, Penguin Books, and The Telegraph. Big shot, amirite?!

I love how cartoony and soft his work is without compromising the delivery. The messages are often subtle, but never missed. Very clever indeed. Wilkinson seems to be pretty keen on anatomy, as I’ve only included a small portion of his anatomy related work here. To browse through his portfolio and many other anatomical gems head to his website,!

If you want to purchase prints you can head to his CIA shop or his Big Cartel. Although, there are only a few prints available for purchase.