A Little Halloween Inspiration

Halloween face painting

For those of you without a costume yet, I thought I would provide a few inspirational Street Anatomy approved ideas. I’ve been REALLY wanting to do the Day of the Dead inspired one, all scary yet enticing. I have to find the right sequins/flowers/outfit. Sadly, none of them have instructions, they’re just awesome images (a couple are from photographer portfolios) I’ve found floating around. Also to note, I’ve not found any cool makeup with men. Someone correct this!

How badass is that zombie face?!

Links: [Top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right]


5 thoughts on “A Little Halloween Inspiration”

  1. I was one for Halloween and I had a blast!!! I love sugar skulls!!! I have an anatomical sugar skull as a tattoo!!!! XOXOXO

  2. Jennifer von Glahn

    Thank you Alex; much appreciated. It’s a beautiful art form, never the less.

  3. Hello!! I’m the gal in the bottom left image, the half skeleton. It’s makeup by me, on me. For anyone interested in my work as a makeup artist for film & television, I can be found on Facebook as Kat Von Pire, Twitter as KatVonPire, and IMDB as Kat Crisp.

    Glad you dig my work!

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