Sentient Kitchenware by Christine Chin

Christine Chin Sentient Kitchen nose
Christine Chin Sentient Kitchen shakers
Christine Chin Sentient Kitchen sugar
Christine Chin Sentient Kitchen ear cup

Anatomical kitchen accessories are nothing new at Street Anatomy, and I truly believed I had seen it all. But Christine Chin seems to have taken it one step further with her Sentient Kitchen Series.

Taking tips from nature’s most ingenious engineering, Christine examines biology and technology while creating the most perceptive set of kitchenware yet. This piece probably isn’t ideal for dinner with the in-laws, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about nose hair on my pepper shaker, or eyebrows in my sugar, but it is sure to get people talking.

To view the entire fleshy collection, from the Shuttling Shakers which are “mobile for dining convenience,” to the Milk Jug that “dispenses according to stimulus,” head to Christine Chin’s website.

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