Marni Kotak birth of baby X

Brooklyn based artist Marni Kotak plans to give birth on stage at Microscope Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Her piece which includes an installation and video opened Oct 8 and runs until Nov 7. Tickets are being sold for an audience to witness the birth of Kotak’s child on stage.

After “The Birth of Baby X” is complete Kotak plans to move immediately into her piece “Raising Baby X” in which she invites viewers to watch weekly podcasts where she details child rearing. Diet, growth, school, all will be included. Kotak intends to continue the performance throughout the child’s entire life.

It’s an interesting thing, to think of birth as an act of art. And more specifically a performance. The idea to make art of the child’s growth reminds me of Michael Apted’s Seven Up! series that interviewed children aged seven and then again every seven years. In May 2012 the “children” will be interviewed at age 56.

You can visit Kotak’s site, to learn about her past projects. She doesn’t yet have details on “The Birth of Baby X” or “Raising Baby X”.

You can also visit Microscope Gallery’s site, for information on the show, and other exhibits.

[via The Daily What]