Drink To Your Heart’s Content

Liviana Osti's Coure

Liviana Osti's Coure

Italian artist Liviana Osti’s “Coure” is two separate carafes that when put together make a human heart. Osti describes her design:

The heart is a reminder for the generally underestimated but essential role health plays in our lives.

In order to prevent cardiovascular and blood pressure diseases we have to start with the root of the problem, our daily consume of food and beverage.
A wine decanter is built together with a water carafe. A half half coloured mix of red and white. Red wine stands for low pressure, water stands for high pressure.
The organic heart shape has been developed into two different, stand-alone objects according to the natural division of ventricles.

The design is simple and straight forward. I like the transparency, reflecting our own need to know exactly what it is we consume. The literal shape is a reminder to take care of ourselves.