The Knitted Anatomical Structures of Candace Couse

Candace Couse Landlocked

Candace Couse Landlocked

Candace Couse Landlocked

Calgary based mixed media artist, Candace Couse, works with paint, installation, video, and most interestingly, fiber.  A somewhat recent graduate with a MFA from University of Calgary, Candace creates incredibly detailed knitted anatomical structures.  The images above are from a 2010 show, called Landlocked at the Nickle Arts Museum in Calgary, AB.

Candace says of her work,

My own research—in mixed media—is a discourse with geography, mapping, space/place theory, the body and identity. The conceptual considerations examine the basic human need to acquire territory as a prerequisite to identity, how a loss of territory leads to a breakdown of self inundated with anxiety and loss of security. Most recently, I have completed a short film with The National Film Board of Canada titled, Sick/Malade. The film is a fanciful, endoscopic journey through the knitted body that is violently disrupted by the discovery of a malignant malady. Sick/Malade is currently being marketed for a two year film festival circuit.

View more of Candace’s work on her site, and keep updated on the progress of her film at the The National Film Board of Canada.

I hope we can view the film soon!

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  1. AMAZING!!!! I have worked in the nursing field for 15 years and my youngest daughter is going into Medical School while my eldest daughter has a Masters in teaching special needs children. My eldest daughters boyfriend is obtaining his degree and specialty in the field of a Mortician working with Military families. This is again, for lack of a better word, AMAZING!!!!

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