Anatomical Heart Tattoo Inspired by Medical Illustrator Sketch

vanessa ruiz heart illustration tattoo

Tattoo by Terri at the Army Navy Tattoo in Newport News, VA.


vanessa ruiz heart illustration tattoo anthony


vanessa ruiz heart illustration

Every once in a while, as an artist, your work can make an unexpected positive impression on a viewer, so much so that they desire your work to become a permanent part of their body.  I had that experience recently, when a reader of Street Anatomy asked me a while back to use an anatomical heart illustration I did in grad school, for a tattoo on his chest.

His name is Anthony and he is a biology undergrad who is applying to medical school.  Anthony actually got the tattoo the same day as his MCAT!  He hopes to someday specialize in interventional radiology, cardiology, or neurology.

I wish him the best of luck and am honored to have a piece of my art as a permanent part of his body!


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