Damien Hirst at Chatsworth House

Damien Hirst Myth Chatsworth House
Damien Hirst Beyond Limits

As part of the Beyond Limits sculpture exhibit at Chatsworth House in England, Damien Hirst has created two beautiful anatomical sculptures.

Together they are Myth and Legend. Legend is exposed horse with wings open wide. Myth is the unicorn, two of whom’s legs have the skin pulled back.

Hirst sites his fascination with the relationship between science and religion and how the two interact. Hirst said, “to cut open mythical creatures and expose them as no different to mortal horses is somehow still magical. It’s kind of like exploding a myth to make it real.

Beyond Limits opens September 16 and runs through October 30th. 20 artists are featured.

As a fan of horses and any horse-like mythical creature, I am completely in love with these sculptures. I like the idea of using religions or religious ideas that are considered to be known as false. It forces the viewer to reflect on current religious ideals and question the validity of them. What makes a unicorn any less real than anything in Islam, Christianity, and so on?