Broken Sundowns

Amy Hastlehurst Im just a skeleton

Amy Hastlehurst Veins

Photographer Amy Hastlehurst caught my attention. Just being 16, her photography and portraits are an absolute treasure to see. She mentions on her flickr account that she thinks “too many people look at themselves and don’t see what lies underneath their skin” and would like to continue this series of anatomy styled images.

I got in touch with the artist, a lovely girl at that, and this is what she said:

These photographs were inspired by my total detachment, I was sitting in class one day and looking down at my hands. I had wondered what was underneath my skin. I began to trace my blue veins up my arm, and when I got home redrew over it darker and took a series of photographs. I suppose this is where the idea came from, I wanted to bring the reality of our being to the surface, that we are not only skin yet a complex network of bones and flesh and organs. It also arose from my interest in the human body.
Watch out for this girl, I think she could be huge.