Rubber, Steel and Bones

Motorbikes are a popular interest of mine, I think they look beautiful and I hope to own one some day. These bikes immediately took my fancy and I hope they take yours.

The Crypt

John Farr is a custom bike designer and creator who made this beautiful piece of machinery named ‘The Crypt’. The motorcycle is now a jaw-dropping spectacle when its cruisin’ around, continuously being stopped for pictures.


Skeleton Motorbike

John Holt is a self taught metal bender and the creator of this motorcycle ‘Iron Death’. Holt started off making medieval styled armour and now owns a shop in Boone County, Illinois, where the bike was originally built. The bike now lives in The Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A.


Skeleton Motorbike Mirror are selling a The Universal Motorcycle Mirror Skeleton Hand for £39.95 each for your own custom anatomy.


Skeleton Bike

Artist Eric Tryon, fashioned together this marvellous bicycle, flexible enough so that when you turn so does the skull.



Jud Turner designed this artwork named the ‘Bio-Cycle’ along with other skull inspired creations and anatomic bikes.


The motorbike styled toy I thought was quite cute, The Boneshaker Skeleton Motorbike is 26cm in length and is £19.15 from


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