Reed Amber Thomas-Litman Street Anatomy contributor

I’d like to introduce the latest member of the Street Anatomy team, Reed Amber Thomas-Litman! Reed is our first overseas contributor, all the way from my favorite city in the world, London.  Studying television production at Bournemouth University, Reed explores many interests outside of film, including those of the more…well…ummm…sexually provocative in nature.  Outside of television production she’s a prolific photographer, videographer, and artist. Her goal is to bring a more controversial and crude edge to Street Anatomy and I say, bring it on!

Reed says of herself:

Being a huge skull fanatic, naturally I am intrigued with the anatomy that follows. For me, my main interests lie in the edgy and scandalous material that the internet was made for.  I don’t even know how to put it lightly…but sex, guts and bones are a visual banquet for my eyes. The body is meant to be admired in all forms; clothed, naked or dissected, everything is beautiful erotic or not.

Welcome Reed!

View her photography, sketches, video, and more at And if you don’t want to get caught at work looking at sexually provocative imagery, do not (or do) look at her blog,  You’ve been warned.