Jumping Brain Goes XL Bronze

Emilio Garcias Jumping Brain goes XL Bronze

Emilio Garcias Jumping Brain goes XL Bronze

Freshly released from the amazing toy designer, Emilio Garcia:

LapoLab and Black Square Gallery present the first Bronze editions of EMILIO GARCIA XL Jumping Brain.

Fall 2011, Emilio Garcia will be presenting a Polished Bronze and a Black and Bronze version of its celebrated Jumping Brain, each will be a limited edition of 10 and is expected to cost $6,000 or 4,000€.

This XL piece weighs over 17Lbs and measures 8.5 x 17 x 13.3 inches and will be presented in a nice wooden box with. Black Square Gallery will be taking pre-orders for 5 of the 10 editions of each version. The rest will be exhibit at art fairs and art galleries in the US and Europe, and made available for collectors and visitors of this events.

If you are interested in pre-ordering any of it, please email ron@blacksquaregallery.com or contact@emiliogarcia.org

A 17 pound brain!  Mighty impressive.


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