Liquid Ground by Helen Pynor

Liquid Ground 2 Helen Pynor

Liquid Ground 6 Detail Helen Pynor

Liquid Ground 5 Detail Helen Pynor

Liquid Ground 3 Detail Helen Pynor

Liquid Ground 1 Helen Pynor

Oh my god.  Apart from my usual lust for being back in London, I especially wish I could have been there to see this show by Australian artist, Helen Pynor, at the GV Art gallery. Never before have I seen quite an explicit use of human viscera in such a way as to evoke beauty and discomfort simultaneously.  Representing death, fragility, and the apathy of medical science (hello left-over organs from anatomy lab), Helen’s photographs are a true bridge between anatomy and art. Equally as interesting is the inspiration behind the photographs [from GV Art]:

The unlikely starting point for this body of work was research Pynor undertook into incidents of accidental drowning in the Thames, inspired by her first year in London in 2009-2010 which was spent working by the river. Beguiled by the river’s shifting tides and lethal currents, she researched some of the thousands of recorded cases of accidental drowning in the river, from incidents involving hundreds of victims drowned in mass disasters through to those in which a lone victim met their end.

Viewing the rest of Helen’s anatomically inspired work is a must at


[Spotted by Kimberly via io9]


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