August 2011

Typography and Classic Medicine Prints by Stephen Gaeta

Beat Poetry Stephen Gaeta Street Anatomy Store

[UPDATED: SOLD OUT] These masterfully rendered typographical medical prints were the creation of designer, doctor and future cardiologist, Stephen Gaeta.  Stephen originated the popular diploma heart posted back in March 2011—so popular that the surge in traffic almost crashed Street Anatomy! We’ve had the honor to team up with Stephen… Read More »Typography and Classic Medicine Prints by Stephen Gaeta

A Man-Made Creation Detailed Enough to Make Mother Nature Jealous…

Katsuyo Aoki is a Japanese ceramic artist with a knack for designing intricate skull-inspired sculptures. Winning award after award, Aoki takes the form of a human skull and transforms it into a complicated maze of ceramic beauty. …I use ceramics as my material in my method of expression, incorporating various… Read More »A Man-Made Creation Detailed Enough to Make Mother Nature Jealous…

Deltoid Zipper

David Arguello deltoid zipper tattoo

David Arguello submitted his sweet tattoo exposing his deltoid.  Love the texture of the muscle, makes you want to touch it.  Tattoo done by Yomico Moreno in Caracas, Venezuela.    

Blood Testing Made Simple

Richard Sawdonsmith right arm vein and artery tattoo

We previously posted the incredible anatomical tattoos of Professor Richard Sawdon Smith and also featured them in the Street Anatomy gallery show last year.  Now he brings us the process of being tattooed alongside the process of drawing blood. I bet the nurses absolutely love him. The tattoo process replicates… Read More »Blood Testing Made Simple

Gunther von Häagen-Dazs

Gunther von Haagen Dazs Art of Bleeding

Body Worlds’ master plastinator has wandered into the frozen desert world. You scream, I scream. We all scream, and scream… and scream…. This video made my day!  As someone who’s a bit over the whole Bodyworlds phenomenon, The Art of Bleeding, a Los Angeles-based multi-media performance troupe specializing in “medical education”, has… Read More »Gunther von Häagen-Dazs


SOILED 02 Skinscrapers

I’m a big fan of zines and have a secret wish to create a Street Anatomy zine someday.  In the meantime you can check out this recent release from SOILED, a zine showcasing the “interstices of architecture, urbanism, and the pedosphere.”  They publish twice a year on each solstice and… Read More »Skinscrapers

Brain Car by Olaf Mooij

Olaf Mooij brain car

Rotterdam-based artist Olaf Mooij is known for his modifications of vehicles for the sake of art. He created this brain car mash-up, turning the boot of the car into the cerebellum.  The brain captures video during the day and then remixes and projects the video on the inside of the… Read More »Brain Car by Olaf Mooij

Daphne: Admirable Choice

Pierluigi Fracassi Daphne Admirable Choice

We’ve posted the work of the wonderful Pierluigi Fracassi before, and here is his latest work entitled, Daphne: Admirable Choice.  It’s a gorgeous design, delicately laid. View all of Peirluigi’s fabulous work on his site,  

Jumping Brain Goes XL Bronze

Emilio Garcias Jumping Brain goes XL Bronze

Freshly released from the amazing toy designer, Emilio Garcia: LapoLab and Black Square Gallery present the first Bronze editions of EMILIO GARCIA XL Jumping Brain. Fall 2011, Emilio Garcia will be presenting a Polished Bronze and a Black and Bronze version of its celebrated Jumping Brain, each will be a… Read More »Jumping Brain Goes XL Bronze

Flower Pump

Flower Pump vase by Veneri Design

Beautifully rendered heart vase by Veneri Design. Flower Pump is inspired by the muscle of love, …every artery leads straight to the heart… The Flower Pump comes in a variety of glosses and is available for purchase at Shapeways.   [Spotted by April via Design Milk]  

Alexander McQueen Cuff

What could be better than gold and leather with a hint of skulls? This Alexander McQueen cuff bracelet comes in at a cool $510. It’s one of my favorites in their collection of skull adorned accessories. Classy, yet very unique.