Judith G. Klausner - Mantis Endoskeleton

Judith G. Klausner - Flora Dentata Tooth & Nail

Judith G. Klausner - The Facts of Life

The delicate and detailed art of Judith G. Klausner is both fascinating and, for some, gives you that funny feeling in your stomach. Made with materials such as human nail clipping, baby teeth, bones, and insect wings, the artist is definitely aware of the negative gut reaction some viewers might have towards her work, a reaction she has turned into a source of inspiration.

I first began working with insects in 2005, and was startled by the strong reactions of disgust I received. It struck me as tragic that our cultural phobia could blind us so effectively to such exquisite delicacy. From there I became interested in examining what other small beauty was lost to us through prejudice or oversight.

I can only imagine how long it must take to assemble one of these miniature specimens, major props!